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Links To Some Of My Friends 

Links to some of
Sonny's Friends

The Crickets

Buddy Holly Online
Tons of information on Buddy Holly and The Crickets

Everly Music Online
Great guitar strings!

Bobby Vee

Nanci Griffith

Mike Berry

Lubbock Hotels
A good site to visit if your traveling to Lubbock.

Karen Rodgers
This is my beautiful and talented niece. Her blog explores a wide array of wonderful tastes. She also has a new cookbook available.

Karen Rodgers Cook Book
"Cooking With The Carpenter's Wife"

Lance Records
Dick Stewart gives some very interesting music every month on this site. 

Ronn Lynn
Good singer, songwriter, guitar picker, recording engineer and friend.

John Livzey
A good friend and great photographer. Check out his site. You’ll
be amazed. www.johnlivzey.com

The Other Sonny Curtis
A great steel guitarist who happens to have the same name as I. Among other things, he played a number of years with George Jones and Tammy Wynette.