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"Nobody played Stratocaster like Buddy [Holly] or Sonny Curtis.
They had just enough West Texas dirt underneath their
fingernails. There was something about the way
they played that made it special."

--Nanci Griffith

On the occasion of Buddy Holly's 60th birthday. J.I., Joe B.,  and I (The Crickets) performing on Buddy Holly Avenue in Lubbock, Texas. 

Photograph by Steve Bonner


  • 2013 Hall of Fame Awards Show
    March 2-3, 2013
  • 2012 "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
  • Larry's Country Diner" on RFD TV,  March 2010
  • Musicians Hal of Fame," October 2008
  • "Beatle Hits - Flamenco Guitar Style"
     Played by Sonny Curtis
  • "I Fought the Law," was recently selected as one of 500 songs that was most influential in shaping rock and roll.
  • "Music City Walk of Fame," April 2007

West Texas simplicity and the stuff of legends:
The tale of songwriter Sonny Curtis

The tale of Sonny Curtis unfolds as any great Texas songwriter’s
should, with equal parts simplicity and the stuff of legends.

Starting with West Texas sandstorms of mythic
proportions and featuring the likes of Buddy Holly
and The Clash, Sonny Curtis’ story has itself become
a piece of Texas folklore.......  click here for full story.

Click for more details 

Sonny Curtis, Ronnie Dunn and Roger Miller
  added to Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame 

Special Article to the American-Statesman
By Michael Corcoran
Posted: 6:05 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25, 2013

West Texan Sonny Curtis wrote ‘I Fought the Law,’ one of the first rock rebellion songs, as well as ‘Love Is All Around,’ better known as the theme to ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’

But even if he had not written a single song, Curtis would be a notable figure in rock ’n’ roll history for his close association with Buddy Holly, less than a year older, with whom Curtis played guitar and fiddle before Buddy formed the Crickets. Curtis was in the band — along with Jerry Allison on drums and Don Guess on bass — when Buddy Holly opened for Elvis Presley at Lubbock’s Fair Park Coliseum in 1956.

Curtis and Guess were the musicians Holly took with him to Nashville on his first recording session for Decca Records...... Read more......  

2012 "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" 

  • Sonny Curtis (guitar), along with Jerry Allison (drums), and Joe B. Mauldin (bass),  were inducted into the 2012 "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". The Crickets were inducted by former CEO of Briggs & Stratton, John Shiely and "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" CEO, Terry Stewart.
  • The Crickets were Buddy Holly’s group from 1956 to 1958, As a self-contained group that wrote their own songs, Buddy Holly and the Crickets served to inspire a torrent of bands that followed in the Sixties, including the Beatles and the Hollies. Their two-guitar, bass and drums lineup would become a virtual blueprint for rock bands.   .....   click here for full story

  • Sonny appeared on "Larry's Country Diner" on RFD TV, aired March 11-13, 2010.
  • Sonny, along with the other two Crickets, J.I. Allison and Joe B. Mauldin, was inducted into the "Musicians Hal of Fame,"  October 2008. The Crickets were inducted by Keith Richards and Phil Everly.

J.I. Allison, Keith Richards, Joe B. Mauldin, Sonny Curtis
Below are more picture from the "Musicians Hal of Fame".

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  • Originally released in 1964, and now restored to the catalogue for the first time, "Beatle Hits - Flamenco Guitar Style" is a collection of early Lennon & McCartney hits, imaginatively arranged and beautifully played by former Buddy Holly guitarist Sonny Curtis.

    It is arguably the most refined of all original Beatles exploitation albums and certainly one of the most unusual.
    Learn More...
  • "I Fought the Law," written by Sonny, was recently selected as one of the 500 songs that have been most influential in shaping rock and roll. The list was compiled by James Henke, chief curator for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with the help of music writers and critics.
  • Sonny, along with the other two Crickets, J.I. Allison and Joe B. Mauldin, was inducted into the "Music City Walk of Fame," April 2007.